Are you a marketing company?

We do not offer marketing services. Our expertise is focused on technologies that facilitate marketing and allow marketers to achieve their success criteria.

What is a marketing technology stack?

Essentially, a marketing technology stack is exactly what it sounds like: it’s a group of tech-based tools that marketers and businesses use to improve their marketing activities. But it’s more dynamic than merely using several tools individually for their own siloed purposes. Instead, marketing technologies are ‘stacked’ to create an integrated series of tools that allows you to build seamless customer relationships across several different channels.

Are Toasted Snow experts in the entire marketing stack?

While we are versed in the entire marketing stack, our expertise falls in the area of creative operations. We help creative teams and marketing teams on the management and delivery of content.

Do you offer support on the solutions you recommend or deploy?

Yes, we offer what is called 1st tier support. Meaning that we will help diagnose if it is a user related issue or a technology related issue. If it’s a technology related issue we will take ownership of the problem and get you the resolution as quickly as possible.

Do you offer maintenance contracts on technology solutions?

Depending on the technology, yes this is a big part of our business; Specifically when it comes to Content Management Systems.

Are you a reseller of marketing technology?

No, we do not have a sales interest in selling marketing technologies. Our business model is agnostic and we will help you determine what the best solution is for your business needs. We also work with various technology partners. They do sell technology and we’re happy to make the introduction.

Why can’t my technology team do it without Toasted Snow?

Because, you’ve got bigger fish to fry. You’re simply too busy and, let’s be honest, we have an outside eye, we have expertise in leveraging marketing technologies that you might not have.

What type of companies use your services?

Any and all companies that produce large amounts of marketing content. We have deep experience in SMB, Healthcare, CPG and more.

How much experience do you have?

25+ years of experience deploying and building solutions, plus the bonus of many of us having spent time on both the brand and agency side. We’ve been where you are, we’ve done it…and we can help you do it better.

Do you build websites?

Yes, but specifically we 'build' enterprise websites on CMS's (content management systems) like Drupal. We do not design websites, we work from high fidelity web designs.

Is Toasted Snow a software company?

We are not a software company per se. We've built applications, and solutions that can be leveraged with other OOB solutions.

What services do you provide?

Think of us as a specialized General Contractor (i.e. restorations). Our services are focused on Creative Operations and downstream Marketing. From strategies, deployment, analysis and production. We're happy to discuss how we can help solve a technology challenge for your business.

How will your services impact my business in the short term vs the long term?

We lighten the load. Short term, we can provide services to accelerate a project deadline and or define a success criteria for an upcoming project. Long term, we can be part of your team for 1st tier support and maintenance on solutions that we've helped you build.

How do you charge for your services?

In general the majority of projects aren't well scoped (in our experience), so we charge hourly for time and materials. If there is a specific project with guardrails and a clearly defined scope, we are happy to work on a project basis.

Where are you based and do you work remote or onsite?

Most of us are in New York and currently with COVID-19 we are only working remotely.

How long are your projects?

Average projects are 3-6 months. We believe in building long term partnerships, so often we start with a short project and we become part of your team.


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